American Youth Horse Council

ayhclogoThe Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association is pleased to support the American Youth Horse Council (AYHC).

AYHC provides leadership and resources that serve and promote youth and the equine industry. AYHC is increasing the benefits it offers to members at all levels including youth, collegiate, adult, association, educational institution and corporation. The range of benefits for memberships includes access to members only access to the newly updated AYHC website, discounts on publications and AYHC events, and options for posting information on the AYHC website or social media outlets. In order to better serve its members, AYHC decided to differentiate benefits based on the type of membership as AYHC serves a wide range of individuals and groups with a variety of needs within the equine industry.  The AYHC focuses on producing educational materials, researching the impact of equine experiences on youth, hosting an annual educational symposium and providing grant funding for adult and youth leader programs. Learn more about this organization at

(Courtesy of AYHC)

Rodeo Camp…

It’s like baseball camp, but without the bat, glove and baseball…The Star Telegram did a great educational piece from our 2016 rodeo camp in Fort Worth, TX. These camps are hugely beneficial to youth riders of all levels. If you are just getting started in rodeo or want to give it a try, this a safe place to learn the fundaments. If you are a more advanced youth rodeo athlete, we will help you elevate your level of competition.

Read the complete story from the Star Telegram here.

To learn about camps in your area or to register for a camp visit our website at ProRodeoYouth.