HorsesThe bucking bulls and horses at PRCA events are some of the best athletes in professional rodeo. These remarkable animals are owned by stock contractors who, from breeding livestock to loading animals up after a rodeo, ensure that the livestock is healthy, well-fed, cared-for and fit to perform. Bucking bulls can cost as much as $500,000 and bucking horses as much as $200,000. Stock contractors put the care and treatment of these valuable animals at the top of their list of priorities. Only healthy animals will perform up to their potential.Flying Bull

The PRCA shares in the responsibility of the care and treatment of livestock with rules and regulations that govern that care. Professional judges are on hand at each PRCA-sanctioned event to inspect each animal. If any animal is not in tip-top shape, it will be taken out of the roster for that competition. PRCA rules also require a veterinarian on-site at all PRCA-sanctioned rodeos. This allows quick treatment of any injury to the livestock. The PRCA has utilized these on-site veterinarians to conduct injury studies. These studies have shown an injury rate of less than five-hundredths of onepercent, very rare indeed.

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