Early Rodeos

It is very hard to trace the first rodeo in America. Many places make this claim including Deer Trail,Colo., in 1869;North Platte,Neb., in 1882; Pecos,Texas, in 1883, and Payson,Ariz., in 1884. All early rodeos varied greatly by events contested and most were free to the public.Prescott, Ariz., held its first rodeo on July 4, 1888. Much of what we know today in the sport of rodeo grew from the Prescott Rodeo. The committee established the following that still hold true today: prizes awarded, rules for competition, admission charged, cowboys invited to compete and a committee to organize. The events included bronc riding, steer roping and cow pony races. In 1889, the first steer riding competition was held, later this event evolved into modern bull riding. By 1917, calf roping was added to the list of events at Prescott.

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