Little Champions Arena

The “Little Champions Arena” children’s exhibit area opened in the ProRodeo Hall of Fame on Thursday, August 17. It features a dress up area, bouncy animals, a bucking chute, barrels, roping dummies, kids ropes and other rodeo related toys. This exhibit gives the younger museum visitors a place to play, learn and enjoy the sport of rodeo.

“A kid’s area has been something we have been lacking here at the Hall so it is exciting to see that we have one now,” said Kent Sturman, director of the ProRodeo Hall of Fame. “We are appreciative of the sponsors and donors that helped make this a reality.”

The arena is located in Theater II of the Hall of Fame and will be a permanent exhibit. The area is set up to resemble an actual rodeo arena and has seating for parents and others to watch as the children act out their favorite rodeo event.

Sponsors and donors that provided items for the exhibit are Priefert Rodeo and Ranch Equipment, Big Country Toys, Resistol and Cactus Ropes. Additional items will be added to the exhibit in the next few weeks.

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