Rodeo Rhett Activity Page

In addition to our 1st and 2nd grade educational curriculum supplements, we are introducing the Rodeo Rhett Activity Page.  As a PRCA Rodeo Committee, you can utilize the Rodeo Rhett Activity Page to engage a younger fanbase while promoting your PRCA Rodeo.  The activity page is able to be customized to your event.  Simply email us your rodeo logo, schedule and web/social links.

We can print in house and mail the activity pages or send you the design to you! Contact Amy Jo Fields for more information: | 719.528.4737.

Click Here to View Sample Rodeo Rhett Activity Page

The cost to have them printed by the PRCA Is $.06/page + shipping via UPS.

The Rodeo Rhett Activity Pages will ship to you flat to fold to your preference.  These activity pages can be utilized in a variety of ways:

•Distribute to local day-care & camps for children to complete and take home to share with their parents.  Kids will enjoy the activities and your event will be seen by their parents with the goal to engage them to purchase tickets to the rodeo.

•Distribute to sponsor restaurants.  If a local restaurant/diner does not already have a children’s activity page, or even if they do, ask if they would be willing to utilize the Rodeo Rhett Activity Page for the week prior and the week of your event.

•Distribute with your Rodeo Royalty for her to handout while on visits to schools and at youth related promotional events.  This provides something for your royalty to talk about and is a lead-in to education on professional rodeo and what your event has to offer the community.

•Distribute during parades, pancake breakfasts and other community related promotional events.  Providing an interactive brochure such as the Rodeo Rhett Activity Page to a potential ticket buyer will have a greater impact than a traditional flyer.

•Please share with us the ways you use your Rodeo Rhett Activity Page so we can help other committees.